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Acoustic Bronze Sensor™

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

The Acoustic Bronze™ with volume control is the transparent link between guitar and audience. The Lace Acoustic Bronze Pickup offers superior midrange tone and definition when compared to other sound hole pickups within the same price range. The unique design allows it to be mounted to compensate for the tonal characteristics of your guitar.

The Lace Micro Matrix Comb®, Radiant Field Barriers™ and AES Chassis work in concert to accurately reproduce your acoustic sound. Delivering better clarity and sound definition, the hum-cancelling, the adjustable Lace Acoustic Bronze Pickup is the perfect solution for your flat-top.

Acoustic Bronze Pickup Specs

The additional features include a high quality cable with a Switchcraft brand 1/4" female jack. Easy to install without modifications to the instrument.

Adjusts to hole sizes 3.60" (91.4 mm) to 4.25" (107.9 mm)
Fits odd shaped holes
No electronics needed
Can be rotated to enhance either the treble or the bass

Available: Black with Bronze logo.

Acoustic Bronze Pickup

  • Position: Sound Hole
  • Resistance: 4.0k
  • Peak Frequency:4650
  • Inductance:1.3