Listen to the Aluma J - Alumitone Jazz Bass Pickup

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The Aluma J Jazz Bass Pickup - Alumitone for bass Aluma-J

The Chrome finish Aluma J pickup by Lace - Electric Jazz Bass Guitar Pickup
The Black finish Aluma J electric bass guitar pickup by Lace - Jazz Bass Pickup

Jazz Electric Bass Pickup - Aluma-J

At last the wait is over! The highly anticipated Alumitone Aluma-J™ jazz bass pickup is here!

Models are available for the neck and bridge positions. This pickup has all you'd expect from a Lace Alumitone: it's a Passive pickup with high-output gain, patented "current-driven" technology only available through Lace pickups, and the deep, clean J-bass tone that you've been looking for! Aluma J Bass Pickup is an award winning electric bass pickup

These full-range bass pickups extend the lows and highs of your instrument, reproducing the natural tone of your bass and its strings, all with zero noise! Retrofits into any standard J routs. Simple installation, stunning looks, and incredible bass tone.

Available Aluma J Pickups: Chrome & Black Anodized

Aluma J Bass Pickup Specs

  • Position: Neck, Bridge
  • Resistance: 5.0K
  • Peak Frequency: 3800