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Aluma V-90

Alumitone by Lace - Black Dog-ear Aluma V-90 electric pickup
Alumitone by Lace - Cream dog ear Aluma V-90 electric pickup

The first new pickup design from this century. The Alumitones have a huge top end and bottom end, passive design and the V-90 has that classic dog ear look. See what Jeff Lace, the Man himself, has to say about this wild departure from conventional pickup technology over on This Page Here

The Aluma V-90 incorporates the state of the art patented Alumitone technology with traditional P90 "dog ear" design. The Aluma V-90 incorporates the ground breaking, high definition, zero noise, "current driven" technology that is taking players to a new standard of P90 specs. For the first time the legendary, true P-90 dog ear tone is completely noise free without having to modify the guitar. No interference with lighting and other electronics typical of old style P90 pickups - Zero noise!

V-90 Sonic Evaluation

True to the P90 sound, the Aluma V90 carries on the P 90 tradition with no noise and lightweight design.

Aluma V-90 Specs

Available: Black Dog-ear, Cream Dog-ear

Position: neck, middle, bridge

  • Resistance:
  • Peak frequency:
  • Inductance: henries

"As a huge fan of the P-90, I was extremely excited to be able to use the Lace version of a classic pickup. I no longer have to deal with noise interference due to lighting issues as in an arena" stated Josh Steely of the Chris Daughtry band. "The pickup is noiseless and still has the characteristics I love in P-90".

Read more: HERE

"Overdriving the alumitone brings out its great performance, as it cuts through the mix and excels where most single coils start to run off."

"The new look for pickups really sets off my guitar like one one else in the room."