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Alumitone Electric Pickups for Rock and Metal Guitarist Blingbucker

The Alumitone Blingbuster Pickup by Lace - a Deathbucker pickup with some hot Bling Crytals

A Deathbucker Pickup with some serious Bling!

The first modern humbucker of this century. The Lace Blingbucker is basically a Lace Deathbucker pickup, passive double coil, with eye catching stones, huge top and bottom end and a sound that dominates in Rock and Heavy Metal guitar playing. See what Jeff Lace, the Man himself, has to say about this wild departure from conventional pickup technology over on This Page Here

Featuring patented Alumitone "current drive" design, the Blingbucker adds the glitz and polish for those players who want to make a dramatic sonic and visual statement. The Blingbucker is an aluminum Alumitone pickup, plated with chrome, and adorned with 10 pieces of Swarovski crystals, famous for their brilliancy.

Performance-wise, the Blingbucker is rated the same output as the ground breaking "Deathbucker" humbucker. Truly zero noise free operation, light weight and incredible high definition tone is the sonic signature of the Blingbucker and all the patented Alumitone range of guitar pickups. High definition tone for the guitar is the goal of design with an appearance that compliments any guitar.

Looking great on stage has never been more available with a touch of "bling" for your machine.

Blingbucker Specs (Deathbucker Specs)

Available: Chrome Only

Position: neck, bridge

  • Resistance: 5.0k
  • Peak frequency: 2343
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries

"Overdriving the alumitone brings out its' great performance, as it cuts through the mix and excels where most single coils start to run off."

"The new look for pickups really sets off my guitar like one one else in the room."