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Aluminum Pickups - Alumitone Humbucker Humbucker

Humbucker Alumitone Guitar Pickup finished in chrome
Humbucker Alumitone Guitar Pickup finished black anodized
Humbucker Alumitone Guitar Pickup with Deceptor chrome cover
Humbucker Alumitone Gold Anodized Guitar Pickup with Gold Ring
Humbucker Alumitone Guitar Pickup with Gold Ring

The Next generation in Humbucker Pickups for Electric Guitar

The first totally modern electric guitar pickup of this century.

  • Huge top and bottom end.
  • Huge passive design.
  • Cool looks.

    See what Jeff Lace, the Man himself, has to say about this wild departure from conventional pickup technology over on This Page Here

    This radical departure from electric guitar pickup design is aluminum based, rather than copper. Result: less resistance, higher output coupled to a "current driven design" as opposed to conventional voltage based guitar pickups.

    The aluminum water jet cut exoskeleton is then matted to a micro winding using 90% less fine copper wire, a low impedance/high impedance pickup is then created.

    Sonic Evaluation

    Broadband response like our single coil version, but voiced for the classic mid range response, humbucker tone. Installing two of these Alumitones on your guitar will save you 1/3lb of weigh and increase your guitars resonance!

    Available: Chrome, Gold Plated & Black Anodized


    Position: neck, bridge

    • Resistance: 3.4k
    • Peak frequency: 2343
    • Inductance: 1.4 henries

    "Overdriving the alumitone brings out its' great performance, as it cuts through the mix and excels where most single coils start to run off."

    "The new look for pickups really sets off my guitar like no one else in the room."

    Humbucker Alumitone Chrome Guitar Pickup with Chrome Ring
    Humbucker Alumitone Guitar Pickup with Black Ring