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Rock and Metal Alumitone Humbuckers Stonewashed Humbucker

The Alumitone by Lace - Stonewashed Humbucker is a Deathbucker with some vibe.

Heavy Metal and Hard Rock never looked so cool!

The first modern pickup from this century. The Alumitone line is amazing sounding for heavy guitar styles and the Stonewashed Humbucker is another cool looking rocker in the Deathbucker family: huge top end and bottom end, huge passive design, double coil humbucker, cool looks with a serious vibe!

See what Jeff Lace, the Man himself, has to say about this wild departure from conventional pickup technology over on This Page Here

What do you get with the latest in state of the art pickup design with the tried and true looks of a well played pickup? The Alumitone Stonewash Humbucker. Modern technology, worn down, beat up, but never old is what this humbucker is all about. Full HD TV quality tone with zero free noise spells out this bad boy. Satin black with well worn edges, this retro style is as good looking as your vintage guitar without taking away from it. Just as home as if were in a Cantina on another planet a long long time ago!

Sonic Evaluation

Broadband response like our single coil version, but voiced for the classic mid range response humbucker tone. Installing two of these Alumitones on your guitar will save you 1/3lb of weight and increase your guitars resonance!

Alumitone Stonewashed Humbucker Specs

Available: Black Anodized Only

Position: neck, bridge

  • Resistance: 3.4k
  • Peak frequency: 2343
  • Inductance: 1.4 henries

"Overdriving the alumitone brings out its' great performance, as it cuts through the mix and excels where most single coils start to run off."

"The new look for pickups really sets off my guitar like one one else in the room."