Bill Kelliher's Divinator Humbucking Pickup

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon's Signature Pickup - The Divinator

Lace® Music Products in conjunction with master guitarist and song writer Bill Kelliher of Mastodon fame are proud to introduce the second in the Series of Bill Kelliher's Signature Pickups by Lace®, the Divinator™. Kelliher, known for his prowess and his magical interpretation of his own unique playing style and tone has added a new addition the Divinator™Signature pickups to coincide with launch of his new Signature Guitar, the Sparrowhawk from ESP and Ltd guitars.

The Divinators™ encompass a full range of tone with clarity and an attitude that yields rich and complex tones with adaptability. In split mode or full out humbucker yell, Kelliher's new addition is unique and elegant when using Lace's® patented pickup technology.



Bill Kelliher's Divinators

"Working with Lace® has always been a success when searching for that tone in my head and what my guitar needs to speak. They are standard in my new line of guitars" stated Kelliher.

Mastodon's Bill Kelliher is a metal guitar hero - known for shredding Heavy Metal and many of the Metal Guitar sub genre's - Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal, Groove Metal, Alternative Metal, Technical Death Metal and Modern Metal. Hear demos and see videos below:


Position: Set
Colors Black Powder Coat
  • Position:Neck
  • Resistance:9.2k
  • Inductance:6.0 henries
  • 2380 Hz peak frequency
  • Position:Bridge
  • Resistance:14.9k,
  • Inductance:8.4 henries
  • 1955 Hz peak frequency
HEAT LEVEL: 7.6-8.2

* Adjusted for current driven Alumitone technology

** Adjusted for Dual Side Wound design

*** Ceramic Enhanced

This Heat Index is a comparison for Lace Pickups and our three distinct technological designs. Please note Humbucker and Single Coil pickups use separate scales. Other manufactures use their own scale and criterion.

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