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El Sensor™ Acoustic Pickups

El Sensor Acoustic Pickups with the Mexican Flag - Image

El Sensor Pickup for Bajo Sexto and Baja Quinto

The new and improved "El Sensor" Pickup has been updated with dramatic new looks, greater output and expanded harmonic range. Designed by Jeff Lace to embrace the Tejano, Tex-Mex and Conjunto styles of popular music, the El Sensor sounds as good as it looks.

An enhanced magnetic field design allows the El Sensor to have balanced string output not only on a Bajo Sexto, but for a Bajo Quinto, too - This can't be done with other pickups.

Unlike other pickups out there, the El Sensor is 100% USA made and uses our patented sensor design. The El Sensor will make you stand out in a crowd both musically and visually. The El Sensor is available with or without volume control and comes emblazoned with Mexican flag graphics.

El Sensor Pickup Specs

The additional features include a high quality cable with a Switchcraft brand 1/4" female jack. The jack also allows the player to have the El Sensor Pickup permanently installed.

On-board Volume Control

Available: Mexican flag graphics.

El Sensor

  • Position: sound hole
  • Resistance: 4.0k
  • Peak frequency: 4600
  • Inductance: 1.3 henries

Purchase the El Sensor Acoustic Guitar Pickups for Bajo Sexto and Bajo Quinto in the Lace Shop