Max Cavalera's  "Downstroyers" Pickup - Neck or Bridge
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Max Cavalera's "Downstroyers" Pickup - Neck or Bridge

Designed with Max Cavalera to give heavy hitting, bunker busting tones, the Downstroyers are massively thunderous with a full and robust presence. The Downstroyers have a versatile initial attack controlled by your technique. Along with increased sustain and fat low end , these sonic weapons will drive any effects to their most extreme potential, while allowing you to define your path of tonal destruction.


  • Position:Neck
  • Resistance: 17.1k
  • 1980 Hz peak frequency
  • Position:Bridge
  • Resistance: 20.5k,
  • 1895 Hz peak frequency
Price: $110.00
  • Address: 5596 Corporate Drive, Cypress, CA 90630 United States
  • Phone: (714) 898-2776
  • Email:

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