Drop of Nitro Humbucker Set
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Drop of Nitro Humbucker Set

The Drop of Nitro set combines a Drop & Gain bridge pickup paired with a Nitro Hemi neck pickup. This combination is very popular among several players on the Lace artist roster, offering bold and thick neck pickup tones and searing, tight, aggressive bridge pickup tones, while maintaining high output and a balanced, but versatile EQ curve. If you to play louder and heavier than everyone else, this is the place to start.

Our Nitro Hemi Neck pickup drops you directly into the field of battle armed with high gain output and life-taking tone. The aggressively brilliant midrange of the Nitro Hemi facilitates an articulate and responsive picking attack along with bold crunch and punch. Chunk is reinforced with lows that are rich with tonal depth and character that wails and moans. Far from a one trick pony, the Lace Nitro Hemi is modern, high gain metal tone redefined and redesigned with NO FUCKING BATTERIES!

The Drop & Gain bridge pickup is specifically designed for use with heavy, high-gain music that requires drop tunings. A common complaint amongst the more discerning of these pitch punishing pioneers is that the low end definition gets lost. So in-house tone wizard, Jeff Lace ciphered an industry-first solution. Create a low noise humbucker with discreet coil functions-one to drive output and the other to pull out articulation. The result is all the punch, crunch, sustain and fast articulation a metal music fiend could ever want! Bring the pain with the Drop & Gain! Again with NO F***ING BATTERIES!
Price: $200.00