Bill Kelliher Signature "Divinators" Pickup Set
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Bill Kelliher Signature "Divinators" Pickup Set

**Order now and receive an autographed box! Limited to 25 pieces.**

Bill Kelliher's Divinators™ encompass a full range of tone with clarity and an attitude that yields rich and complex tones with adaptability. In split mode or full out humbucker yell, Kelliher’s new addition is unique and elegant when using Lace’s® patented pickup technology.

“Working with Lace® has always been a success when searching for that tone in my head and what my guitar needs to speak. They are standard in my new line of guitars” stated Kelliher.


  • Position:Neck
  • Resistance:9.2k
  • Inductance:6.0 henries
  • 2380 Hz peak frequency
  • Position:Bridge
  • Resistance:14.9k
  • Inductance:8.4 henries
  • 1955 Hz peak frequency
Price: $200.00
  • Address: 5596 Corporate Drive, Cypress, CA 90630 United States
  • Phone: (714) 898-2776
  • Email:

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