Aluma J Bass Pickup
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Aluma J Bass Pickup

Vintage and Versatile Sounding Humbucker

It's the Jazz-y sound you want in a light-weight package. The Aluma-J is a Passive pickup with high-output gain, patented "current-driven" technology only available through Lace pickups, and the deep, clean J-bass tone that you�ve been looking for! These full-range bass pickups extend the lows and highs of your instrument, reproducing the natural tone of your bass and its strings, all with zero noise! Retrofits into any standard J routs. Simple installation, stunning looks, and incredible bass tone.Aluma J Bass Pickup is an award winning electric bass pickup

Music Styles: Hard Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Country, Prog

Think: Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Sting, Bootsy Collins

Sound: Deep resounding bass, clear even midrange, and smooth top end... Hi Def TV for your ears!
Price: $117.00