Lace Sensor Rainbow Pack Loaded Pickguard
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Lace Sensor Rainbow Pack Loaded Pickguard

The Lace Sensor Rainbow Pack is a classic tone pack of pickups designed to give you sweet blues rock tones and swampy gritty rock tones. A very versatile set! Now in a drop-in loaded pickguard! Quality components and expert wiring make it a perfect upgrade for your Strat.

The Purple Sensor has the hottest output in this Series and is suited for the bridge. It's hot overwound single coil tone, between a Burgundy & Blue Sensor is designed for bridge or a P-90-type tone in the neck. The Sensor RWRP Silver in the middle will produce a fat 70's single-coil sound with increased output and more midrange. And in the neck position, the Emerald Sensor lets you hear that SRV, Billy Gibbons Texas-inspired tone without the noise! All you want for that style of music! Again with NO F***ING BATTERIES!

Music Styles: Rock, Blues, R & B, Country, Boogie

Think: SRV, Billy Gibbons, Dave Grissom.

Sound: Higher output and slightly different coloration than stock Golds.
Price: $243.00