Nate Newton's Signature Riffblaster P-Bass Pickup


Designed for the controlled chaos of Nate Newton, the Riffblasters utilize the power of ceramic magnets to create the perfect balance of extreme power and articulation. The Riffblasters embrace the famous Lace Sensor technology that focuses the magnetic fields much more efficiently. when combined with the added muscle of ceramic magnets, it gives you the punch to blast out in any group setting.


Good for: Hard Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Country, Prog

P Bass Pickup - Riffblasters

The Lace Riffblaster P Bass utilizes patented Lace Sensor technology, voiced in an aggressive yet controlled tone. It features precise harmonic content with an attitude that cuts through in any situation. Low magnetic pull increases sustain and its broad dynamic range will drive amps and effects better. The Riffblaster provides modern punch and definition.

The Lace Riffblaster P-Bass pickups have the power needed to be big and bold on any stage, yet record with clear, clean punch. Detailed, focused and ultra quiet, they let play your music the way you want it heard.


Position: Neck, Bridge
Colors Black Matte Only
  • Position: Neck/Bridge
  • Resistance: 8K
  • Peak Frequency: 3000
  • Inductance: 3.6 henries

* Adjusted for current driven Alumitone technology

** Adjusted for Dual Side Wound design

*** Ceramic Enhanced

This Heat Index is a comparison for Lace Pickups and our three distinct technological designs. Please note Humbucker and Single Coil pickups use separate scales. Other manufactures use their own scale and criterion.

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