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Nitro-Hemi™ Humbucker

Lace Music Nitro Hemi Rock Guitar Pickup
Lace Music Nitro Hemi Rock Guitar Pickup

Nitro-Hemi for Rock and Heavy Metal Guitar Players

Our Nitro Hemi pickup set drops you directly into the field of battle armed with high gain output and life-taking tone. The aggressively brilliant midrange of the Nitro Hemi's facilitate an articulate and responsive picking attack along with bold crunch and punch. Chunk is reinforced with lows that are rich with tonal depth and character. Highs chime and scream in the bridge pup and wail and moan in the neck. Far from a one trick pony, the Lace Nitro Hemi is modern, high gain metal tone redefined and redesigned with NO FUCKING BATTERIES!


Vintage gauge coil wire, with our barium ferrite "HOT" Magnets.

Available: Matte Black and Chrome

Nitro Hemi Neck

  • Resistance: 15.8k
  • Peak Frequency: 2750
  • Inductance: 3.5 henries

Nitro Hemi Bridge

  • Resistance: 19.0k
  • Peak Frequency: 2600
  • Inductance: 4.6 henries

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