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Powered by Lace® Futureliner™

Futureliner Electric Pickup - Powered by Lace
The Futureliner blade design is the first blade concept pickup for Lace Music Products, famous for their Lace Sensor pickups since 1985.

What sets the Futureliner apart from other guitar pickups in its class is it’s signature pickup “Protecto” guard which surround the low strings on the guitar. The Protecto, like a pickguard, works to protect the Futurliner pickup from direct hitting of the pickup, by a player, during hard intense playing, thus reducing extra noise and damage to the pickup.

Protecto guards also lend themselfs to an individual look that enhances the players guitar, and it is also removable for those who do not play in an extreme picking fashion.

All Powered by Lace “Futureliners™” are sold separately.

“A boutique electric guitar pickup at an affordable price.”

Futureliner Pickup Specs

Futureliners use extra copper shielding, reverse wound middle pickup design for very low noise operation from a blade design.

Available: Black only

High Value Suggested Retail Pricing is only $39.99

Position: Neck, middle, bridge


  • Neck – 5.0k
  • Middle – 5.5k
  • Bridge – 5.9k

Buy the Futureliner blade pickup at the Lace Shop.