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Powered by Lace® Tres Hombres™

Tres Hombres Electric Guitar Pickups Powered by Lace
The Tres Hombre™ series utilizes 3 poles, each with different metal content design which maximizes the performance of the guitar's strings. Each heavy duty pole is used for two strings E and A, D and G, and B and high E respectively that have similar resonant frequency. Each unique pole uses a different metallurgy content to maximize the harmonics and the strong vibration of each of the two paired strings.

Trend setting design offers a great new look for ones guitar. Tres Hombres™ are branded with the "Powered by Lace"® logo and is available in black only. Tres Hombres™ are available in neck, bridge and middle and are sold separately.


Highly shielded with extra copper tape and offered with a reverse wound middle, the Tres Hombres™ gives the player the quack and attack that sets the player apart form the crowd.

Available: Black only

High Value Suggested Retail Pricing @ $39.99

Position: Neck, middle, bridge


  • Neck – 5.0k
  • Middle – 5.0k
  • Bridge – 6.0k

Buy the Tres Hombres Pickup Powered By Lace at the Lace Shop.