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S-100 Vintage Sensor

The Lace S-100 Vintage Guitar Pickup for that classic tone or sound.

Lace Sensor Vintage Single Coil Sound

Lace Music released the "vintage" spec version of its famous Lace Sensor line.

The S-100 is wound with traditional 43 gauge wire and using traditional turns on a molded bobbin, the Vintage S-100 is a passive ultra low noise true single coil. Fender Strat and Tele owners love the sound on the classic Stratocaster and Telecaster electrics.

Fender Lace Sensor Replacements

By combining the Lace Sensor design with a conventional winding profile, the S-100 delivers the best of both worlds.

Vintage output and sound signature, yet with more mid range, the S-100 still retains that classic, clean, warm vintage single coil sound. It has a tight response and great balance with traditional frequency peaks.

Traditional tone, low noise with a major cost savings to the player is the reason for the new S-100 - Single Pickup or 3-Packs are available.

Available: Matte Black Only


  • Position: neck, middle bridge
  • Resistance: 4.6k
  • Peak Frequency: 3550
  • Inductance: 3.0 henries