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Loaded Pickguards

Lace® Loaded Pickguards are pre-wired with quality components (250K full size pots, USA-Made switch, NTS Caps) all on a 3-ply pickguard. Includes knobs and switch knob. Designed to drop-in to your Strat® and connect with only 2 wires. Call your local Lace retailer for custom configurations and colors.


Available in S/S/S in Golds, Red/Silver/Blue or Purple/RWRP Silver/Emerald and Hot Golds

Also Available:

Classic Lace Sensor Gold tone now appears with that "classic" look with visible pole pieces. (Shown Lower Right) Now you can keep your "vintage" look but with ultra low noise Golds. Giving you the best in classic tone with super clean operation. Hand assembled and wired at the Lace factory. All V-Series Golds are 5.6k. Available in white only.

  • 3 ply Pickguard in Black or White
  • Lace Spec Pots and Switch
  • Strat®-Style Knobs
  • NTS .022 Cap
  • Attention to Detail in wiring
  • Drop-in installation - 2 wire hookup