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Lace Tele® Sensor

Lace Electric Guitar Pickups - The Tele Sensor image -  The Lace Tele Sensor is the best replacement for an old Fender Telecaster Guitar when looking for the vintage classic Fender Tele Sound

Tele® Twang without the noise

These classic Tele style guitar pickupsvintage Tele® twang and transform your guitar into a Tele® Plus. Black bridge pickup covers only.

All the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat neck character.

Telecaster Lace Sensor Pickups

What's not to love about that classic Tele sound? The Fender Lace Guitar Pickups on the old Fender Tele Plus are now available for a new generation, by the very same electric guitar pickup manufacturer that Fender used year ago. Restore that classic Fender Telecaster or Tele Plus with the beautiful Lace Tele Sensors today!
Lace Tele Sensors Available: 2 pack or a la carte. Black Bridge and Chrome Neck

Tele Sensor Pickup Specs

  • Position: Neck, Bridge
  • Resistance: Neck - 6.5k Bridge-12.8k
  • Peak Frequency: