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Silenoz   - Dimmu Borgir

Zornheym   - Aktiv Dodshjalp

Athon   - Black Tusk

Tank   - Rotting Out

Coz   - Thira

Scoot   - Doom / Vallenfyre

Mika Aalto - Rotten Sound

Tony  Aguilar  - Totimoshi

John Alaimo  - The Greenery

Patrick Alberts  - Call of the Void

Jeff Aldape  - ACxDC

Chris Alfano  - East Of The Wall

Jenn Alva  - Girl In A Coma / Fea

Brian Amalfitano  - ACxDC

Brent Anderson  - Order of the Owl

Dale  Anderson  - The Delta Jets

Nick  Andrew - Solo

Reggie Ashley 

Steve Askew - Kajagoogoo/Lu Cozma

Steve Austin  - Today Is The Day

Eric Balderose  - Code Orange Kids

Kurt Ballou - Godcity Studios

Corey Barhorst - Kylesa

Matt Barnes  - Monstrosity / Chaos Inception / Quinta Essentia

Matt Barnum  - Homewrecker

Tony Baumeister  – -(16)- / Aeges

Aaron Beam  - Red Fang

Adrian Belew 

Ruben Benavides  - Take Offense

J.  Bennett  - Ides Of Gemini

Brooks Blackhawk  - Atriarch

Ritchie Blackmore - Rainbow, Deep Purple, etc.

Doni Blair  - The Toadies

Kallen Bliss  - Ramming Speed

Brad Boatright  - From Ashes Rise

Jimmy Bower  - EYEHATEGOD

Ben Brand  - Tombs / Woe

Victor Brandt  - Entombed

Jake Brazelton  - Godhunter

Mike Brennan  - Primate

Aaron Brooks  - The Ghost Inside

Emily Burton  - Fireball Ministry

Garett Bussanick  - Tombs

Gizz Butt  - The More I See / English Dogs

Carl Byers  - Coffinworm

John Byrd  - King Conquer

Kevin Cameron  - I Killed the Prom Queen

Jonathan Campos  - Primitive Man

Derick Caperton  - King Conquer

Don Capuano  - Lord Dying

Scott Carlson  - Repulsion

Greg Cerwonka  - Take Offense

Blake Charlton  - Ramming Speed

Jonah Citty  - ASG

Eric Clapton 

Jimmy Claypool  - In Defence

Jay Codina - Blue Tattoo

John Comprix - Ringworm / Beyond Fear

James Coogan  - Wounds

Phillip Cope - Kylesa

JT  Corpse  - Gravehill

Chris Cowart  - Scorpion Child

Ben Coyte  - I Killed the Prom Queen

Joshua Crapo  - Sourvein

David Crosby  -CPR

Dave Curran  - Unsane

Amanda Daniels  - Enabler

Topon Das  - Fuck the Facts

Chris de Nood  - Incarnate

Leon del Muerte  - Murder Construct / Nausea

Ryan Delpier - Various/Solo

Chris DeMakes  - Less Than Jake

Robby DeVito  - Heartist

Michael Dimmitt  - Mutilation Rites

Sean Dunn  - HULL

Josh Durocher-Jones   - Howl

Dave Ed  - Neurosis / Kicker / JFC

Nico Elgstrand  - Entombed

George Emmanuel  - Rotting Christ / Lucifer's Child

Aaron Erickson - Thane

Alex Estrada  - Silver Snakes

Chris Evans  - Lord Dying

Michael Fabiano  - Bermuda

Aldo Felix  - ACxDC

Bobby Ferry   -(16)-

Andrew Fidler  - Black Tusk

Will Fiore  - Zoroaster

Bill Franco  - Pavlov's Dog

Lalo Galvan - Solo

Christian Galvez 

Oscar Garcia  - Nausea

Stavros Giannopoulos  - The Atlas Moth

Andrés Giménez   - D-Mente

Mike Glendinning - Green Natives

Dann  Glenn 

Marco Gonzales  - The Reflex

Franz Gottschalk - Illdisposed

Dean Grech - Solo

Steve Green  - Atrocious Abnormality

Aaron Gregory  - Giant Squid

Simon Grenehed - Blindside

Victor Griffin - Pentagram/Place of Skulls

Jeremy Hamilton  - Suburban Scum

Jeff Harp  - Final Conflict

Valentin Hauser  - Betraying the Martyrs

Vincent Hausman - Howl

Pamela Hell - AC/DShe

Jeff Hickey  - Norma Jean

Mike Hill  - Tombs

Brent Hinds  - Mastodon

Joe Hoare  - Orange Goblin

David Holt 

Devin Holt  - Pallbearer

Cesar  Huesca - Solo/Session

Scott Hull  - Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Blake Ibanez  - Power Trip

Jonathan Ibay  - Fuck the Facts / Pick Your Side

Horror Illogium  - PORTAL

Todd Ingram  - King Giant

Jimbob Isaac  - Hark

Josh James  - Stick To Your Guns

Chris James - 34 Below

Jay Jancetic  - Harm's Way

Joel C. Johnson  - Cody ChesnuTT / Dr. John / Fred Wesley & The New JB's

Ryan Jones  - Today Is The Day / Mutilation Rites

John Judkins  - Rwake

Craig Kasamis  - The Fucking Wrath

Bill Kelliher  - Mastodon / Primate

Scott Kelly - Neurosis / Shrinebuilder

Bob Knarley - Dread Zeppelin

David Kowalski  - King Giant

Jon Kunz  - Rivers of Nihil / Outer Heaven

Andrew Lacour  - KEN mode

Mika Lagreen  - Grave

Gregory Lahm  - Struck by Lightning

Carmine Laietta  - HULL

Christine Lakeland - SOLO

Noah Landis  - Christ On Parade / Young Lions

Mike Leach  - Struck by Lightning

Tim Lewis  - Loss

Roger Lima  - Less Than Jake

Jon Lindqvist  - Victims

Niklas Lindstrom  - In Solitude

Ryan  Lipynsky - Unearthly Trance

CeCe Loessin  - Phobia / So Unloved

Jeff Lohrber  - Enabler

Jose Lopez  - ACxDC

Bryce Lucien  - Seeker

Bo Lueders  - Harm's Way

Matt Lupo  - East Of The Wall

Calum  Mackenzie - Phobia

Shawn Madden  - Suburban Scum


Mike Magrann - CH3 (Channel 3)

Clinton Maney - Thane

Bobby Mansfield  - The Drip

Scott Martin  - Big Business / Crom

Marissa  Martinez  - Cretin

Ron Martinez  - Lower Class Brats

Ethan McCarthy  - Primitive Man

Mark McEwen  - Fire & Ice

Gabrial McNair - No Doubt / Oslo

Hell Messiah  - Gravehill

Reba Meyers  - Code Orange Kids

Martyn Millard  - Orange Goblin

Tim Mitchell 

Zach Moore  - Hero Destroyed

Paco Morales Alejandra Guzman

Mike Morris  - Zoroaster

Bob Morris  - The Hush Sound

Julio Cezar  Motta   - Catedral

Caleb Murphy  - Expire

Jose Neto - Steve Winwood Band

Rick Nielson - Cheap Trick

Randy Noyes  - Take Offense

Jonathan Nunez  - Torche

Maciek Ofstad  - Kvelertak

Eric Olson  - Poison Idea

Erik Olson  - Lord Dying

Richie Owens 

Alex Pace  - Call of the Void

Eric Palkovich 

Henrik Palm  - In Solitude

Nick Palmirotto  - HULL

Sanford Parker  - Buried At Sea / Circle of Animals

Gil Parris - Session Player

Brian Patton  - EYEHATEGOD / Soilent Green

George Paul  - Mutilation Rites

Sebastian Phillips  - Noisem

Rich Pia - Mudface

Matt Pike - High On Fire / Sleep

Eddie Plascencia - House of Broken Promises

Greg Polcari - Britny Fox

Tanner Poppitt  - Madrost

Ben Powell  - Ramming Speed

Don Preston 

Pif Pyle  - Thira

Lasse Pyykko  - Hooded Menace

George Rager  - Neighborhood Brats

Robert  Randolph The Family Band

Tony Reed - Stone Axe / Mos Generator / Blood of the Sun

Bruce Reeves  - Destroyed In Seconds

Sonny  Reinhardt - Saviours

Ruben Reza - The Ruben Reza Group

David Rodgers  - Godhunter

Kiffin Rogers - Rwake

Glenn Rogers  - Heretic

Dan Root  - Adolescents

Joseph D. Rowland  - Pallbearer

Wayne Rudell  - Powered Wig Machine / Fuzz Evil

Elizabeth Schall  - Dreaming Dead / Cretin

Mike Scheidt  - YOB

Justin Scurti  - Primitive Weapons / I Hate Our Freedom

Arthur Seay - House of Broken Promises

Domenic Seita  - A Storm Of Light

Jason Shi  - ASG

Johann Ingi Sigurdsson  - Beneath

Unnar Sigurdsson  - Beneath

Karl Simon - The Gates of Slumber

Sindre Solem  - Obliteration

Steve Soto  - Adolescents / Manic Hispanic / CJ Ramone / Twisted Hearts

Brendan Southwell  - Diocletian

Josh Steely  - Daughtry

Nick Stewart  - Power Trip

Travis Stone  - Noisem

Kent Stump  - Wo Fat

Benn Suede  - Crown The Empire

David Sullivan - Red Fang

John Taylor  - Dr. Hot Licks School of Rock and Metal

Stuart Taylor  - SSS

Justin Thacker  - Into the Flood

Mike Thompson  - Withered

Sadat Thorr  - Valient Thorr

Eidan Benjamin Earl  Thorr  - Valient Thorr / Revolving Beast

Arild Torp  - Obliteration

Andy Torres  - Seeker

Bryan Trembley  - Kriadiaz

Jeff Turko - Hero Destroyed

Greg Turley - Pentagram

Jeff Tuttle - Dillinger Escape Plan / Old Gods

Chris Ulsh  - Mammoth Grinder

Lewis Usher  - Hellions

Dave  Valliere - The Platters/Solo

JB  Van der Wal  - Aborted / Herder

Chris Vangorder  - Homewrecker

Martin Vasquez  - Death March

Chris Velez  - Lightning Swords Of Death

Yago Ventura  - Noisem

Phil  Vera - Despise You / Crom

Dennis Vichidvongsa  - Relentless

Dayn Viglione  - Suburban Scum

Michael Vinatieri  - Capitalist Casualties

Marty Volume  - Lower Class Brats

Jenna Von Oy 

Pat Voytko  - Agitator

Guy Walker 

Mike Watt  - Minutemen/Firehose

Jona Weinhofen  - I Killed the Prom Queen

Scott "Wino"  Weinrich - Saint Vitus / Shrinebuilder / Premonition 13

Chris Whetzel  - Power Trip

Brad Whitford - Aerosmith

Dave Whitworth  - Primate

Matt Widener  - Cretin / Liberteer

John Wilkerson  - From Ashes Rise

James Willet  - Coke Bust

Rob Williams - The Fenians

Andy Williams  - Every Time I Die

Sam Williams  - Down By Law / Denial Fiend

Dave Williams  - Crusades / Black Tower

Ryan Williamson  - Godhunter

Derek Willman  - From Ashes Rise / Hellshock

Jeff Wilson  - Wolvhammer / Doomsday / Chrome Waves / Liar In Wait

Rob Wrong  - Witch Mountain

Casey Yarbrough  - Order of the Owl

Taylor Young  - Twitching Tongues / Ruckus

Freddy Zepeda  - Death March

Eric Clapton

Instrument: Guitar

Lace Equipment: Lace Gold Sensors

Eric Clapton nicknamed "Slowhand", is a Grammy Award winning British guitarist, singer and composer, who became one of the most respected and influential musicians of the rock-era, garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clapton is widely considered to be one of the most influential guitarists in popular music history.

Although Clapton's musical style has varied throughout his career, it has always remained rooted in the blues. Clapton is credited as an innovator in several phases of his career, which have included blues-rock (with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and The Yardbirds) and hard rock (with Cream). Clapton has also achieved great chart success in genres ranging from delta blues (the acoustic MTV Unplugged album), psychedelic rock ("Sunshine of Your Love"), pop ("Change the World") and reggae ("I Shot the Sheriff").

The first signature guitar that Fender ever made was for Clapton and included the Lace Gold Sensors. The rest is history.

Find out more about Clapton and his guitars at his website.