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Lace MusicLace Music Products is a division of Actodyne General Inc., founded in 1979 by the late Don Lace Sr., an innovative electronics designer with a passion for solving problems using creative solutions. The company was started in the family garage and quickly grew to become one of the most respected companies in the music industry.

Don Lace Sr. had an extensive background in high intensity lighting, speakers, and magnetics. This included linear motors, solenoids, alarms, radios, and other highly complex magnetic devices. His expertise in speaker design brought him to Fender Musical Instruments in 1967. There he consulted on speakers and various issues regarding pick-up manufacturing. It was here that Lace was exposed to the fascinating world of the music industry while working with Fender and people like Don Randall.

Over the next decade, while heading R&D departments at several different companies, Lace became involved with many other products such as: switching devices, valve designs, and solenoid designs including a shock generator and popet-valves for natural gas powered vehicles.

In 1979, Lace founded Actodyne General Inc. as a manufacturer of solenoids for the semi conductor industry with coil winding at the heart of the business. While looking for additional business opportunities, Lace found that Fender was having a high-rejection rate during production of traditional style pick-ups that were made at the time.

Eager to become more involved in the music industry, Lace began to develop a new guitar pickup that would have a lower rejection rate during production. Lace used one of his existing solenoid patents that was part transducer as well as "open and closed" device called a "shock generator". Lace applied the new concept to an old beat up Sears guitar that he bought at a garage sale. He plucked the string and it worked!

By the late 1980's, Lace had perfected a single rectangular shaped sensor that fit under the strings. The goals were simple: to reduce the rejection rate, increase fidelity, and reduce outside hum. Lace presented this technology to Seth Lover (inventor of the original humbucking pick-up), who was working with Fender at the time. Lover knew that Lace was really onto something and commented as such in his letter from February 1981.

Fender began to use the new technology and feature the Lace design guitar pick-ups on their own guitars. Known as Fender-Lace Sensors, these electric guitar pick-ups were originally made for the Fender Strat Plus guitar which won numerous awards. Today they can be found on many other Fender guitars and are available in Gold, Silver, Blue, or Red series as either Single or Dually models that function as a double coiled humbucker.

Sadly, Don Lace, Sr. passed away on October 11, 1992, leaving a strong impact on the music industry. More than 20 years have passed since the company was started and, to this day, his family carries on his tradition of solving complex problems and developing solutions for the equipment used in everyday music. By creating new, cutting edge, products that capture the sound and soul of classic vintage originals, the Lace Music team continues to lead the music industry creating innovative products for guitar, bass and many acoustic stringed instruments.

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