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Scott Wino Weinrich Guitarist - Wino Signature Pick Ups Set - Lifers are modified Drop and Gains made special for Wino's Metal Guitars.

Heavy Metal Signature Guitar Pickups

What can you say about Scott "Wino" Weinrich that hasn't already been said and meant and then printed in a thousand rock magazines across the globe? The man is a living legend, a rock n’ roll "LIFER"™, one of the great singers and guitar players of his generation or any generation, for that matter. He's forgotten more about guitar playing than most so-called guitar players can seem to remember. His tone is thick, heavy, soulful and instantly recognizable. His voice is the voice of hard living and harder experience - battered, banished, but never, ever broken.

Wino Signature Pickups Set - Lifers

Wino's Signature pickups "Lifers" is based on the Lace Drop & Gains with modifications made for Wino's desired tone and look. These mods include a silky top end with a crunchy bottom end. His tone is designed to drive your amp better.

Wino Signature Pickup Specs

  • Position:Neck
  • Resistance:13.5k
  • Position:Bridge
  • Resistance:24k
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